Christopher Ford
Age: 27 yrs
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My name is Chris Ford; I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York so I know toughness. . I attended an NAIA D2 that’s athletic program was closed down at the end of my sophomore year. That was almost a blessing in disguise because I got the opportunity to attend Mount Mercy and start the rest of my collegiate career. In my final 2 years there I was the starting point guard for the whole season both years. I was playing about 25+ minutes my junior season and 30+ minutes my senior season per game. I lead the team to 2 national tournament bids, and 2 conference championship games; 1 conference championship in 2016, runner-up my senior season in 2017. Following the conference championship, I made all-tournament team in 2016. The game has always been a part of my life. As a child I had the opportunity to watch my uncle, Curtis Stinson, who has played professionally all around the world; and I was blessed to train, workout, and learn the game consistently on a first hand basis. Growing up was a struggle and once my family moved from New York and I got the chance to better myself, I strived to become a winner, because growing up all I knew was loss. One thing that pushed me throughout my collegiate career was to be a winner. Unfortunately, now I am done playing collegiate ball and am looking for an opportunity to pursue a professional career; whether it’s playing overseas, D-league, or ABA. I just want the opportunity to showcase my talents and skills to the world, and impact the next younger generation anyway I can.... show moreless


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2017 - 18
Mount Mercy University
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