Chris Grier
Age: 27 yrs
Height: 0 cm (0'0")
Nationality: USA
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Grier possesses good length and athleticism at the shooting guard position.  At 6'4", he has the ability to rise above the defense and get his shot off almost at will.  He has a textbook release and is consistent with it, whether pulling up off the dribble, or spotting up.  A good ballhandler as well who can break down his man in a 1-on-1 isolation situation on the perimeter.  One of Grier's most underrated attributes is his ability to find the open man.  While primarily looking to score while out on the wing, he is very unselfish and finds the open man more times than not.  He loves to get into the teeth of the defense and use his size to finish in the lane.

Although a division 2 program, Virginia State plays in the highly competitive CIAA conference.  Players from VSU have gone on to enjoy successful careers in leagues in Argentina, Switzerland, and Cyprus just to name a few.  Just because Grier comes from a small program, it shouldn't be held against him, especially when considering the career he was able to have.

A team who needs a good two-way wing player to come in and score the ball, as well as play tough defense, should seriously consider Grier.  He had a very nice collegiate career, but has the potential to do much greater things at the next level because of his style of play, and how it translates to certain professional markets.... show moreless


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