Charles Ward jr
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My name is charles ward jr, I have experience in Germany and Mexico 
I'm a combo guard but can also play the one. I was leading rebounder on my team so my coach needed me to crash and get more extra possessions. On the court I'm a scorer. Always have been. I'm a lot stronger at my position so I can post a lot of guards up. I went to the free throw line almost 90 more times then other people in our league. I'm aggressive and hate losing I'm very competitive.  Always been that way. I take very good care of my body and what I put in it. My diet is huge don't eat junk or anything. I'm dream chasing and I'm never going to give up! Any team or organization  that takes a chance on me won't be let down. There going to get 150% 100% of the time. I love defense and getting into offensive players and the best player on opposite teams, Basketball can not be taken for granite such as life. Everyday is blessing. Forever thankful that's why I take this game serious and give it my all ALWAYS.   I'm looking forward to speaking with you still before making any decisions is better than I hope you plan on calling.  Sleep well. 
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