Chad Bewley
Age: 30 yrs
Height: 198 cm (6'6")
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With the help of Ganon Baker,
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Below is a short CV and some of my highlight films 
Chad Bewley
6'6   230lbs
Position -  Wing/Forward
Passport -  Canadian and Jamaican
Currently on Australian Visa - valid till aug 2018
I am an accurate 3 point shooter with a talent for passing the ball. A natural leader whose size allows me to play multiple positions and a skill set that lets me help a team in many different areas.  

Previous Teams -
·        CDU Rebels - 2016 (DBA Allstar and Captain of Allstar Team)
·        EuroBasket Select Tour Team (AUS 2016)
·        CBV (Spain) - 2015/2016
·        Humber College - National Champions 2015 (Captain and All Star) 2nd in Nation in  3 point percentage. 
·        Power Canadian Development Team (PCDT) 2014 - Four Nations Cup (against CBA Chinese pro teams, Cameroon and New Zealand national teams)
York University 2013... show moreless


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