Cacace Alberto
Age: 23 yrs
Height: 197 cm (6'6")
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Another "under" box filled in the Malloni P.S.Elpidio house thanks to the signing of Alberto Cacace, class 1996 of 195 cm out of Basketball Ferrara (A2).

Alberto is considered one of the most interesting prospects of the entire national road race and is part of the Italian national team. Intelligent athlete who plays a lot for the team, so much defensive and clear disposition given the physical structure to cover the roles ranging from the guard to the big wing. Nice to put the ball to the ground and play one against one, just like on the ground floor drains. It is certainly one of the most talented elements of Malloni Basket 2016/2017 and also one of the most eager to rival after a season passed midway between Siena (A2) and Ferrara where he picked up a few minutes. Alberto's trail in the basketball begins in the youth sector of Loano in the province of Savona, to follow the important experience with the Stella Azzurra Roma where he becomes champion of Italy Under 19 elite and some appearances at Veroli always in A2. In the same year he is also protagonist in Serie B with the Blue Star where he averaged 10 points in 25 minutes of use per race.

"I'm very excited and excited about this new thing in P.S.Elpidio," Alberto debuts. "I would also like to start today if it was for me, I really want to train and bring my contribution to the white-blue cause. I come from a championship where I played very little, the desire to go to the field is so much so much so is the curiosity to discover a new city and a society that have told me to be one of the most glorious in the category. For my part - concludes Alberto - there will be no sacrifice and will to fight, we are a young group with very high motivations. "

Alberto Cacace closes almost the circle with regard to the under, the company is very close to the agreement with the 1998 Abruzzo play Fabrizio Piccone who will come with the loan formula from Lanciano.... show moreless


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2016 - 17
Porto Sant’Elpidio Basket
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