Bogdan Borovic
Age: 24 yrs
Height: 188 cm (6'2")
Nationality: Serbian
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I’ve played basketball for 13 years at the position point guard / shooting guard. I started to train in the BC Partizan with coach Milovan Bogojevic Kime, in the first grade of primary school and then trained for four years, after which I moved to BKK Radnicki. There I started as a young cadet, where I was soon transferred to play for the junior team. At the same time I’ve played for my age and older. In my age category, with coach Slobodan Savic, I was captain, and in the juniors, coached by Milan Micic, also had a major role. So I actually played 5 junior seasons as a junior cadet and cadet. With the cadet team in the regional league, we came to the top 8. As a cadet I averaged over 20 points per game. With the junior team I entered the first junior league, and with it I came to the Final Four. After 6 years in BKK Radnicki, I went to KK Eko Sport, where I played one season, and then I moved to KK Zitko Basket. Here I played junior and senior division also coached by Milan Micic. That season I’ve averaged about 20 points per game in both selections. I also went with the junior team to qualification for a single junior league, where we didn’t  pass. Next year I went to the United States to North Carolina, where I was at the basketball academy '' Combine Basketball Academy ''. I was captain of my team. I was chosen for a team of 12 best players in the academy who played against Oak Hill Academy. I played two major tournaments, Tennessee NACA Tournament and Myrtle Beach SC USA National Prep Basketball Championship. I was selected for a special team that participated in the AAU tournament that we won,  where I was declared the MVP of the tournament. In the season 2015/16 I returned to Serbia where I’ve played for my old team BKK Radnicki for a single season in senior third division league. I avareged 15 ppg. I was coached by Branko Milisavljevic. Last year, season 2016/17 I’ve played for KK ABS Primorje 1945 in Montenegro- Erste League, coached by Slobodan Savovic. My wish is to play in Europe, where I am ready to fully demonstrate the hard work and the desire to improve. I believe in my talent and quality and I need an adequate opportunity where I can showe my full potential.... show moreless


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2016 - 17
KK Primorje
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