Atanasije Zivkovic

Atanasije Zivkovic

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I started to practice when i was 7 years old in B.C Konstantin from Nis.In B.C Konstantin i always practiced and played with older generations.With B.C Konstantin i won seven leauge in a row.From season 2012/2013 i was the best shooter of the team in each league.In seasons 2013/2014,2014/2015,2015/2016 i recorded an average 14.5pt,6.7 assist,4.4rebounds for 20 minutes on the court.In my best game i scored 27 points 5assists and 5 rebounds.In season 2016/2017 i moved to B.C Junior from Nis which continues to play.Also in the summer of season 2016/2017 i was been in P.A.O.K basketball camp i was be one of the best player in that camp.Now in this year i started play in senior categories of B.C Junior.Here is a great way around no matter what I youngest player in their team.Currently I am 186cm tall and weighs 69kg.Also 3 years ago i started practice athleectis for my explosive skills,and better playing on the court.I play on position 1,i can play on position 2 in special situation.
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