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: Physical is its predominant feature, having an interesting mix of height, power and athletics. Improved at the level of coordination, it combines toughness with rare mobility in a chassis of this type (we are about 100 kg of weight). He uses the body well, looks under control and has no posture problems. It also seems to have overcome ankle problems last season, which forced him to use a guardian.

ATTACK / SHIFT: Mostly low-handed player can best use his body to receive and has excellent moves and counter-moves to finish at the basket, effectively using the foot foot. Not yet comfortable with the ball in his hand, rarely puts the ball to the ground but has a good 4 meter throw. It has a soft hand, so it could still extend its shooting range in the future. It needs to improve in finding the shooters from the low post, especially when its offensive danger doubled.
DEFENSE / REMOVAL: It has kilograms that allow it not to go down against the same rank, not even at European level. In aid has already evolved and is able to vary the shooting parables to the opponents. Fatigue, however, is to keep the 1-on-1 from defensive defensive gear: it is necessary to upgrade, therefore, to the speed of the feet and the side slides. Under the boards is a presence, thanks to the predisposition to the rebound and the agonistic malice that pours into the field.
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