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Andreas Dimitriadis
Andreas Dimitriadis
Basketball • Coach • Greek
Active Since
My name is Dimitriadis Andreas , and i come from Kavala a city in northen Greece.I have graduated from university of Thessaloniki, with the specialization in basketball coaching.I have been an active coach since 2008.I have coached players of all ages and both genders.

2017-18 PATHIRES(KAVALA) youth coach and womens Champion of the local category(ekasamath)
2016-17 PANTHIRES(KAVALA) youth coach and young girls champion of the local category
2016-15 PANTHIRES (KAVALA) youth, men and women coach in local categories
2015-14 PANTHIRES (KAVALA) youth and womens coach, also SANTA BARBARA coachin 3rd division of men
2014-13-12-11-10 ASTERAS (KAVALA) youth coach
2009-8 ENOSI (KAVALA) youth coach
2008 ASTERAS (KAVALA) youth coach... show moreless

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