Andre' Woodlin
Age: 32 yrs
Height: 191 cm (6'3")
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Andre Woodlin is passionate player that plays both ends of the floor well and prides himself on playing against the other team’s best player. Andre is a bull on defense and a good defensive and offensive rebounder. He is a good offensive player that drives well and finishes with both hands. He loves to get to the free throw line with his attack mentality. He is an excellent shooter from 3-pt range, shooting 40% from 3-pt with Jedinstvo (Montenegro). Andre does well with screens, whether it is a pick and roll situation or using screens to get his mid-range jump shot off. Woodlin can play both guard positions, he passes very well and can get others involved with his penetration ability. He does a lot for his team that doesn’t always show up in the stat book, he is a good team leader. Last season 15.5 mins. 7.2 pts. 52 FG%. 40 3FG% w/ KK Jedinstvo

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Andre Woodlin
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