Amjyot Singh Gill
Age: 27 yrs
Height: 205 cm (6'9")
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Amjyot is the son of two former athletes, his mom stands 6’ tall while his father was a former National Level basketball player in India towers at 6’5”. 

Possessing a smooth jumper that extends beyond the 3-point line as well as a deadly post-up game, Amjyot is regularly considered the “most talented” player on the Indian circuit. He possesses a versatile game, allowing him to affect all facets of the game and play multiple positions. At only 24 years old, he is still improving his game after making waves at the professional level in Japan. Amjyot began his overseas professional career with Hyogo Impulse in the BJ Challenge Summer League in Japan. Easily the best player on the court at most times, Amjyot showcased his versatile skill set and was thereafter recruited by Tokyo Excellence in the National Basketball Development League in Japan, where he put up big numbers as a starter in his first season with the team. He led the team to the championship title in his debut season.

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