Alexandros Anastasiadis Anastasiadis
Age: 23 yrs
Height: 185 cm (6'1")
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My name is Alex Anastasiadis,i am 20 years old right now and i was born in a pretty small city called Katerini.I have been in the main basketball club of that city until my 19s,in which i moved on in Athens,in hope to find something beter considering my basketball career,while also i would be able to go to a decent university.

My main position is PG,but i have been cycled over to SG many times depending the situation.My primary hand is my right,but feel almost as comfortable using my left when dribbling or when scoring.y most recognizable elements are dribbling and passing,usually being the player with the most assists in my matches,always trying to make my teamates better instead myself.My shooting is average,i can make some very good shots but there are times that if i am not in my day,i may have pretty low shooting percentage.I am very athletic and my energy always comes firstly from defense,where i also have more than 1 steal in every game.

In the end,i would like to say that i believe i have much potential,however i am getting wasted just so older people close to 35-40 get to play mainly because they are best friends with the Director,the Coach etc...although i am the most serious,challenging and responsible person during a training,even doing great in friendly matches with like 15 point 5 assists-5 rebounds,some people i guess dont really care about all that stuff,the fact that there is a young guy who is working very hard in order to climb the ladder of success doesnt seem to come close to their interests...

The past few years i had to endure a serious problem with my back muscles,in the first year,and then a cruciate ligament rupture in the year after that,but right now its been almost 6 months since my surgery,i have finished all of my therapies,lost the weight,reached 10% fat and i am ready to achieve my goals,restless yet again!... show moreless


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