Alexander Koumenos
Age: 23 yrs
Height: 185 cm (6'1")
Nationality: Greek
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I'm a 19 year old athlete of Salamis(Greece) and i'm a professional basketball player since 2003.I started Basketball at the age of 6 and since then,i try hard every day to become better and better,in order to help my team win and to prove myself among the best greek basketball players.I'm a combo guard who can shot well from the peremeter as a shooting and have a potentional playmaking ability.

5th place with Telamwn(mini) 2009
3rd place with Olcympiacos(under 16) 2010
Champion with Telamwn(man) 2014
5h place with Telamwn(under 19) 2016

Personal achievements:
1st scorer of Telamwn's team(mini) 2009
1st scorer of Olympiacos' team(under 16) 2010
2x 1st scorer of Telamwn's team(under 16) 2015-2016
2x 1st scorer of Telamwn's team(men) 2014-2016
2x 2nd 3point's leader at Eskana's men Championship 2015-2016
2x Mvp of Telamwn Basketball men team 2015-2016

Important participations:
Played for National Greek Team(under 16) for 1 game
9(3) points and 3 assists

Career highs:
46 points against Ok.Eleusinas (under 19)
11 assist against Asteras Ag.Dimitriou(men)
8 3pointers against Bari(men)

Season highs:
212 points(8 games) 26.5 points per game  (Telamwn under 19)-2015
72 3 pointers (23 games) 3.1 3 pointer per game(Telamwn men)-2015
(All these are proven statistics from telamwnas organization)... show moreless


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