Aleksa Palurović
Age: 19 yrs
Height: 185 cm (6'1")
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Started playing basketball since 2006. Amateur player until season 2015/2016. Then season 2015/16 i played in First Serbian league (KLS). With age 15 was my first game as a PRO. This is second year as PRO player in Serbian best league. Most points in one game 47, most assist 14. His type of basketball reminds of Nemanja Nedovic who plays for Unicaja Malaga and played in NBA for the Warriors. His shooting form reminds on Steph Curry. Very good athlete with pretty good wing span,with great explosiveness and speed, which makes him lethal in transition. Extremely quick first step, which leaves his opponent behind the back, can get to the rim without a ball screen.Very good.Utilizes the hesitation dribble, in and out dribble and crossover very well. Very good ability to finish above the rim with contact.Very good feel for floaters. Good PG with very good decision making, can make a shot for himself and the teammates, drive and kick situations. Best decisions he makes out of pick & and roll situations, making the extra pass for shot on 3 pt line or making no look pas for center under the rim, or makes for himself an easy layup. An excellent feel for the game, creative passer with great vision and timing. All over the floor, helps on the roll man and recovers to his man. Stunts at shooters, very smart off ball defender. With pretty good wingspan can easy swap the ball out of opponents hand. Quick hands, with good wingspan and explosiveness makes him good rim protector blocking opponents shoots.... show moreless


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2016 - 17
Napredak Rubin
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