Manuel Capicchioni
Age: 0 yrs
Nationality: Italian
FIBA licence: No
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Manuel Capicchioni is the Executive Vice President of Interperformances, based at the company’s world headquarters in San Marino. He acts as a global markets consultant for InterperformancesUSA (IPZ). He began his career at Interperformances as a video coordinator and consultant for Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg and Germany. Now, Capicchioni coordinates most of the transfers of players outside of the Unites States and works alongside Luciano Capicchioni to integrate the global associates within the worldwide company. Since 1998, Manuel has negotiated and finalized hundreds of contracts worldwide, placing players in Europe, Asia, South America, Oceania and the Middle East.

Prior to joining Interperformances, Capicchioni moved from Italy to the United States where he attended Lake Forest College and played for the school’s basketball team. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and continued his studies at the University of Miami. In addition to earning his Master’s Degree in Sports Management, Capicchioni interned with both the Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes.... show moreless

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