Age: 38 yrs
Height: 209 cm (6'10")
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Antonis Fotsis (alternate spelling: Antonios, Greek: Αντώνης Φώτσης; born April 2,[2] 1981) is a Greek professional basketball player who plays for Panathinaikos of the Greek League. He was also the captain of the senior men's Greek national basketball team. He is a 2.09 m (6 ft 10 in) power forward, who can also play as a small ball center, or even as a small forward, if needed. He goes by the nickname of "Batman" since his adolescent years, when his teammates at the junior national teams named him after the well-known comic-strip figure, because of his ability at that age to be an overwhelmingly gliding presence above the basketball rim.[3] In his prime, Fotsis was a good shot blocker, a capable offensive rebounder, and an excellent 3-point shooter, especially for a power forward. He was also very physical on the defensive end thanks to his athleticism.... show moreless



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