Тодор Ђорђевић
Age: 27 yrs
Height: 187 cm (6'2")
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With the help of Ganon Baker,
Basketball Training and Development expert.

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Since i was a baby i dreamed of being like MIke. I started training basketball as a 12 year old in a local club in Leskovac . The club name was Dubocica. I got my very first skills  right there. I wasn't very talented, but i was always the hardest working guy. And it slowly started to pay off. I made it in the starters and played every game 100%. But my club wasn't the best in our league. After that i went to a different club. It was named "PLAY OFF".  The coach was young and recognized my hard work and determination. So he worked with me and helped me a lot with my jump shot, my off ball  movement and my game in general. I never won any championships with my teams, but i won many with my school team. and i played many 3x3 tournaments in witch i won prizes and medals.

But as the high school ended.. i needed to start my studies more seriously and i went to law faculty i Nis (Naisus) in Serbia.. where my pro carrier ended. Never the less i played on with my faculty team and every year we were finalists. Last year (2016) we finally won the championship game. 
Turn of events and where the life took me i had to put an end to all of that again.. but the love for basketball will never leave me behind.. i still workout.. try to stay in shape.. and i love to spend my free time shooting some hoops in the park, and playing some games with my friends.. When i have the time i will record some of my 3x3 games and show you some of my skills. 

Yours truly.. Todor... show moreless


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2010 - 11
KK Play Off Leskovac
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